About us

About us

How our dream started 

Proud owners of Cortijo Sylvestre are William & Wesley. We are crazy about each other, about our little dog Niña (she loves people, but we try to keep her away from you as much as possible!) and about Andalusia. During a holiday in Ronda, we fell in love with this region. We wanted to do something with this!

The choice to give up everything in the Netherlands and start an gay - friendly Airbnb, boutique hotel or bed & breakfast was quickly made. We didn’t want to be stuck contemplating, but rather take a chance and go for it. We decided to give it a try and make the most of it. We have put blood, sweat and tears into renovating and furnishing our B&B until everything was exactly to our liking: a place where you can relax, enjoy and be yourself.  

Why did we start a B&B 

We wanted to take control of our own lives, before the boredom of our corporate jobs set in. Not to get bogged down, but to go on an adventure! William is the technician of the two of us and loves to create beautiful things. Wesley is an expert in establishing and maintaining contacts. Together, we have been a team that complements each other perfectly for 17 years. We wanted to turn our B&B into something beautiful to share with others. And we think we succeeded!  

get to know us

5 facts about us

Wesley likes to sing while cleaning

William is averse to structure, rules and lists

We like late wakeups, but also like to make tasty breakfasts

We are loving and open minded 

We want you to have a great time with us 

Our dream for you 

We want you to feel at home in our B&B. Relax, do what you want and when you want. Your breakfast will be delivered to your accommodation so you can eat whenever you feel like it. We want you to have a wonderful holiday, so that you can continue your journey with a relaxed feeling or return home with lots of energy. We care about the environment and want to keep the world beautiful together. We therefore hope that you will turn off the air conditioning when you leave and not take very long showers. Of course, we do not keep records and you will not receive a bill afterwards. Enjoyment and relaxation are our priority.   


our favorite "thing" (our dog Niña)

Our favorite spot (in the pool)